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A blue map of Ward sipiwiyiniwak.

Ward sipiwiyiniwak

About Our Ward

Ward sipiwiyiniwak, pronounced see-pee-WEEN’-oh-wok, is a combination of certain neighbourhoods from what was previously Wards 5 & 1.


According to Edmonton's Indigenous Ward Naming Knowledge Committee, "Enoch Cree Nation members were known as the River Cree, or sipiwiyiniwak, to other tribes. In the 1800s, the First Nation covered about 114 square kilometres. In 1884, Chief Enoch Lapotac signed an adhesion to Treaty 6, but involuntary land surrenders caused the loss of more than half of Enoch land. The First Nation, bordering the west side of Edmonton, continues to fight for land rights today."

Neighbourhoods in Ward sipiwiyiniwak

  • Callingwood North

  • Callingwood South   

  • Cameron Heights

  • Dechene   

  • Donsdale   

  • Edgemont   

  • Elmwood

  • Gariepy   

  • ​Glastonbury

  • Granville   

  • Jamieson Place

  • Jasper Park

  • Laurier Heights   

  • Lymburn   

  • Lynnwood   

  • Meadowlark Park

  • Oleskiw

  • Ormsby Place

  • Parkview   

  • Patricia Heights   

  • Quesnell Heights   

  • Rio Terrace

  • Riverview Area

  • River’s Edge  

  • Sherwood   

  • Stillwater   

  • Summerlea

  • The Hamptons   

  • The Uplands

  • Thorncliff   

  • Wedgewood Heights

  • West Meadowlark Park   

  • Westridge

The Edmonton River Valley at sunset, with the sun shining on the left side of the valley.

Did you know?

In 2019, our ward had a population of 91,654 and an estimated 64,466 eligible voters. That's around 70% of our ward's population!

A mural in West Edmonton of notable places in Edmonton. The mural says Canada 150.

Did you know?

By 2030, our ward is projected to grow to a population of 102,000. That's more than the current population of Red Deer, AB!

A mural that Giselle painted of two people holding hands with words "Did you know, you're my love"

Did you know?

There are 33 neighbourhoods in the ward! These neighbourhoods are a mix of new developments, and mature neighbourhoods - some were even built in the 60s!

A side-view of Edmonton's High Level Bridge with the river passing underneath.

Find Your Ward

It's important to get familiar with the new ward boundaries and names. If you live in another part of the city, use the City's handy tool to find out where you'll vote in October!

Viewing deck of the funicular overlooking the river in downtown Edmonton.

Learn About The New Ward Names

In 2020, The City of Edmonton officially changed the Ward boundaries and names. Learn about the significance of the new ward names, and about the people who worked hard on this project.

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