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Helping Hands


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My fellow Edmontonians,

I'm Giselle General and I'm running for Edmonton City Council because it's time to have a city that works for the everyday Edmontonian like you and me!


Moving to Edmonton as a teenager granted me the opportunity to build a good life despite being a newcomer and an orphan. Regardless of ability, age, education, background, type of home you have or how you get around, I believe that everyone deserves to have city policies, programs, and services that help them build a better life. I also believe everyone deserves political leaders who are engaged, responsive and transparent that will help us thrive from the difficulties we are facing.


The experiences of everyday people like you and me, is what I will highlight at City Hall, for the benefit of people living in the west side and for everyone who live in this incredible city! Join our team and be part of this incredible change!  



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Our campaign is powered by volunteers and every day Edmontonians. Consider supporting our cause, and join our growing list of donors.

With a number of Edmontonians relying on the transit system for their commute, it's time we change how we get around - for the better.

Giselle strongly believes that no matter who you are, where you came from, or how you get around, that everyday Edmontonians deserve to have a city that provides quality services that improves everyone's lives.

Hands-on Engagement from Campaign to Council

All Edmontonians deserve servant-leaders who will act on behalf of the community's voices. One of Giselle's candidate-specific commitments is to stay visible and accessible to constituents during the campaign and while serving on the council. 

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Regular Town Halls & Online Engagement Sessions 

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Attendance at Community Events, Annual General Meetings and Community Consultations

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Regular e-newsletter and social media posts about city anward-related topics

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Prompt responses to Online and Offline messages

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